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Live are lost and children are born.

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November 25, 2007 | 04:03am
Mood: it's a phenomenon.
Music: Ambulance LTD - Swim

Well, my parents have left. Even though they drove me crazy at times, it was good having them. And by "they drove me crazy" I really mean "my dad drove me crazy." It's okay, I'll get to spend a few weeks with them in Chicago before long, and that will REALLY make me want to stay in Kville.

My novel is, well, it's getting there. Sort of. Some days I write a lot, others I don't even touch it. I don't know if I'll finish it this month, but I'll try. I'm pretty sure I'll have to change the title, even if I do love "Back Roads." With a certain plot twist that occurred in chapter five, that title really isn't suitable anymore (well, not until chapter nine). "In the Laurel" fits the plot better, but honestly, I really don't like it. "Fathers and Brothers" might work... oh well, I have some time before the title actually matters.

I have a ridiculously large number of papers to write in the next few weeks. At least two of them -- maybe as many as three -- will involve Dostoesvky's Notes From Underground, just because I'm a total whore for that book. Due this week: 3 page History, 5 page Survey. Due next week: 5 page French, 12-15 page Dostoevsky. Due by the end of finals week: 10 page Survey, 10 page French. Bullshit, don't fail me now!

I have been at the hall desk since 11:30. I'm tired and annoyed; not a single person has checked in. Whatever.

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