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October 27, 2007 | 01:03am
Mood: tired
Music: Wolf & Cub - Steal Their Gold

Арсений Тарковский - Жизнь, жизнь
Не надо Бояться смерти ни в семнадцать лет,
Ни в семьдесят. Есть только явь и свет,
Ни тьмы, ни смерти нет на этом свете.

My French translation:
Arseniy Tarkovskiy - La Vie, La Vie
C'est inutile avoir peur de la mort à dix-sept ans
Ou à soixante dix. Il y a seulement la réalité et la lumière,
Ni les ténèbres ni la mort existent.

And just for the hell of it, English:
Arseniy Tarkovskiy - Life, Life
It is unnecessary to be afraid of death at seventeen
Or at seventy. There is only reality and light,
Neither darkness nor death exist.

Have I mentioned yet today that I seriously love Russian? I mean, holy shit. Talking about fucking amazing.

I have way the fuck too much work to do this weekend. Christ.

I just got back from watching Night Watch/Arrested Development/the bouncing DVD image. It was great fun. Um, basically, it was me, Kara, Chris(topher), and Erin. Christopher's apartment is pretty sketchy--it's very 70s and rundown and makes me happy that I live where I do.

I've found out that you can indeed study abroad during the semester you graduate; you just won't be able to walk until the August graduation. That's fine with me, since I wasn't planning on walking any which way. I wasn't planning to do it at my high school graduation either, but my mother insisted. So I'm thinking I'll spend my last semester of college in the Motherland, spend the summer backpacking through Europe (and visiting Kara & Amanda in Germany!), and then make my way to wherever I will be spending the next year working.

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(no subject)

from: savagewoman
date: October 27, 2007 07:52pm (UTC)

Hey, if you swing by Finland, let me know! I'll give you the grand tour :)

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: October 29, 2007 02:14am (UTC)

Finland will definitely be on the itinerary... I'll keep your offer in mind. :):)

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