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he didn't love tea with raspberries or feminine hysteria.

Он любил три вещи на свете:
За вечерней пенье, белых павлинов
И стертые карты Америки.
Не любил, когда плачут дети,
Не любил чая с малиной
И женской истерики.
… А я была его женой.
- Анна Ахматова, 1910

I memorized and recited that poem for Russian yesterday. Good stuff. I also had the Big Russian History Midterm!!! yesterday, which I was ridiculously worried about. I'm pretty sure I did well on it.

Notes From Underground pretty much resulted in my mind exploding. Seriously, it's a total mindfuck. For Survey of Russian lit tomorrow (er, today) I'll be acting out two different characters as comic relief. Basically, I'll be fighting with myself, and switching between accents (French and Southern) to do it. Keep in mind that this play--Gogol's "The Government Inspector"--takes place in provincial Russia. That's why the accents are so fantastic. Plus, I'll be wearing a beret, courtesy of Jayne.

I'm very tired. I got four hours of sleep last night and maybe an hour before work this night. I'm looking forward to properly falling into a state of unconsciousness.
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