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what we built up crumbled to dust

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July 8, 2007 | 11:24pm
Mood: tired
Music: Depeche Mode - A Question of Lust

I shaved my head this morning... and it looks awful. It's probably because I'm so hairy. Unfortunately, this means I have to shave more often. But hey! My noggin's a bit cooler now, and that's the important thing. Especially since it's been so damn hot recently.

Dinner tonight: paprikas csirke (Hungarian paprika chicken). It was quite good. Breakfast, lunch, and possibly dinner tomorrow will be khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread). I'm schoolin' these crackas into learnin' real quee-zeen, yo. Not that I should be calling my parents "crackas"; my mother would probably tan my hide if she heard that. But. You know.

I head back to the 'ville on either 8/3 or 8/10. Depends on my mood. I have to go looking for a bed (futon?), desk, and a bookcase(s?). Man am I looking forward to living in my own apartment! Well, with roommates. But I'll be off-campus! And I will finally be On My Own™!

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