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money can't buy you back the love that you had then

A couple nights ago I didn't go to bed. I was sitting around, computing, and then I realized that it was 4am and the birds were out. "Well, I'm not tired," I told myself, "And if I go to sleep now, I'll probably just screw up my sleep schedule." With that decided, I decided to stay up all day.

So I did. It wasn't too horrible; I lasted 34 hours before deciding to go to bed. I then slept for 13.5 hours. Doubt I'll be doing that experiment again though.

I was thinking about high school today. Looking back, no matter what I say now, it wasn't that bad. I forced myself into various neuroses ever since I was a kid, and then went right in the opposite direction during 10th/11th/12th grades. Of course, I was an anti-social misanthropic piece of shit with a tendency toward laziness and procrastination (and I still am, unfortunately), but at least I've tried to change. I... have a lot more to say about this subject, but I'll shut up now.

On a completely unrelated topic, I'm writing! Poorly, and not terribly efficiently, but I'm doin' it!
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