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SWM 20 NS ND ISO ***

I've been meaning to make a post but I haven't had anything to say. I've been back from West Virginia for about 1.5 weeks now. I've written some, read some, sat around and vegged out a lot. I really want to drop out of college and join a gang, maybe get a pet monkey, or move to Nigeria or something. You know how it is.

Today I woke up, showered, mowed the lawn, and did my laundry. I then lifted weights. I'm currently in the process of contemplating whether or not I should get my hair cut. Um, I shaved a couple of days ago. This is news because I shaved off my biannual beard. (A little known fact: I stop shaving over winter break and summer break.) It's thickening a bit, but it's still patchy. But yeah, I hate my facial hair. I can't grow it out because it looks horrible, but when I shave, I have a five o'clock shadow by 11am. I can't win.

Also, I've decided that I need to begin dating. Mainly so my father will shut up. ("How's ***?" "She's dating someone, dad." "That doesn't mean anything!" "She's been dating someone for FIVE YEARS and they're ENGAGED." "So?" "*slits wrists*") So. I am now accepting applications. The only criterion I have is that we must be friends first... which would include pretty much everyone reading this, minus the single-impaired folk. Which leaves, what, three people? I'm a good catch, honest! Reply here for more info! (I'm not coming off as too desperate, am I?)

... for the sarcasm-impaired, that last sentence was very tongue-in-cheek. The rest? Well, we'll see.
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