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Oh babe I can't hide it, I can't even find it in you.

I leave for West Virginia tomorrow. I won't be back for several weeks. (Not meaning to sound whiny, but does anyone actually care?) I promise to take lots of photos and contemplate posting them for a few weeks before actually going through with it.

Current goals in life: graduate from college, live/work abroad, become fluent in Russian and French (and another language; maybe Turkish?), go to grad school and/or law school, work as a professional author... not necessarily in that order. None of this should be too far out of the realm of possibilities. In the mean time, I should continue writing. And exercising. (O, running...)

Mrs. Murphy showed me to the door in silence. Noting the darkening sky, she eyed the empty street. “Did you drive a car here?” she asked, voice quavering with age.

I shook my head. “I walked. I live a couple of blocks away.” In Morgantown, a couple of blocks often feel like a couple of miles. It’s one of the many marvels of mountainous terrain.

“Then go quickly,” the old woman told me, concern audible. She turned on the porch light and opened the front door. “It’s not yet dark. If you hurry, you’ll be home before the moon is high.”

I stepped onto the porch, clutching my supply bag with sweaty hands. “I’ll be here on Thursday,” I told her. I stepped on to the first step.

“Good luck,” she said to my back. Waiting a moment for politeness’ sake, she firmly closed the door behind me. The sounds of the lock turning and the deadbolt being pushed into place were like gunshots in the empty night.

“Thank you,” I said out loud. With that, I squared my shoulders and carefully continued descending down the steps.
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