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I'd much rather be wanting to be running the loping.

Good news: I received an A in Film!
What this means: I have proved that it is indeed possible to BS Dr. J--a feat I have repeatedly been told as being "impossible."

Bad news: beyond that, my GPA is shit.
What this means: oh god WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!
Addendum: I was expecting this. And by "shit" I really mean "ewwww B's." And by that I really mean "oh whatever."

Semi-Related Thoughts: as long as I continue receiving A's in classes in my major, I should be good for grad school. I'm thinking about doing the five year plan and spending my fourth year in Russia--but only if I get an NSEP Boren scholarship, as I can't afford it any other way. I really need to study Russian this summer... and while I'm at it, I should probably get ahead on next semester's reading. Probably I should start with War and Peace. And Anna Karenina. And The Brothers Karamazov.

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