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Note the use of the apocalyptic-icon...

I doubt anybody out there is actually aware of the riots in Estonia, nor do I believe that anyone actually cares, but I'm rather concerned.

It's really depressing to see your favorite countries duke it out. I hope Russia doesn't decide to, like, y'know, start WWIII. Estonia would be totally fucked. Especially considering how Russia is asking Estonia's government to "disband"...

On the other hand, a third World War involving Russia would give me job opportunities in the future. Especially since I plan on learning Estonian one day. Is it wrong of me to be so opportunistic? Don't answer that.

What's really a shame is how there isn't a word about the unrest in the US news. BBC? Yeah. Le Monde? Of course. ANSA? Sure. But why isn't there anything on CNN/MSNBC? This may just be my ridiculously-obsessed-with-Eastern-Europe self speaking, but I find this kind of important & would like to hear more about it and less about Courtney Love and Joey Buttafuoco...
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