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Have you heard the news? We haven't got a chance.

Something amazing: my term paper for Film is finally finished! I put it off WAY too long, and missed out on a showing of Chuk i Gjek this evening, but I managed to get it done--all 10 pages--in under two days. I did at least 7 pages since noon today. (For those who care, it's a comparison of Andrei Tarkovsky's films Stalker and Zerkalo. Both are supurb examples of Russian and Soviet cinema, and I highly recommend them.)

Something good: I got a D on my last Math test, which brings my grades in that class to an F, an A, and a D. The good part? The professor has given us the option of taking the final only if we want to. My grade is a solid C (no, seriously--it's literally impossible to get either a B or a D), so I'm done with Trig forever, bitches! Of course, I just got my second C in college... sigh. Never again, right?

Something else that's good: I've got finals next week & everything is being shifted around. Monday: Biology, not cummulative. Tuesday: a 15 minute cummulative French oral final. Wednesday: reading day, Russian chat at JavaCo at 3:30. Thursday: cummulative Russian final. Not as good as first semester freshman year (one final during finals week--the very first one on Monday), but pretty damn amazing nonetheless!

Something shitty: I have a French test tomorrow. I'm so ridiculously fucked. Excuse me while I go weep for a while and then cram 47 definitions into my head...
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