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se potessi incontrarti ancora

Yet more proof of my growing insanity:
1. I was giving a presentation in French aujourd'hui et j'ai dit, "Tout du bar est visible devant--er, avant--er, de-wait, derrière--d'elle." (Translation: All of the bar is visible behind (temporal)--er, in front of (temporal)--er, de--wait, behind (physical) her."

2. Class has begun, I have my notebook open in front of me, and I've lost my pencil. I spend a good minute looking for it before I realize it was sticking out of my mouth.

In other news, if I manage to survive this week (1 quiz, 3 tests, 2 hours teaching 7th graders basic Russian, at least 20 pages of papers in various languages to write up, various translations and so on), I will be so fucking happy. Seriously, a celebration WILL occur. I'm thinking... sleep. Oh man. I'm missing it already.
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