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I will dazzle them with my wits

This weekend was ridiculously boring. I'm glad (!!!) it's over. The friend-type folk are back. Thank god. I was about to lose it. But yeah,I watched Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) and Donnie Darko this weekend. They were excellent. And... that's all I did. Sigh.

I've decided to change my final paper topic in Film from "(miscellaneous ranting about) The Treatment Of Women And Gender in Obscure Russian Films" to "(miscellaneous ranting about) A General Overview Of Some Obscure Russian Sci-Fi Films From The 70s." I doubt you care, 'cos fuck, I sure don't.

My current inspiration:

“… there is no more admirably educational experience for a young fellow starting out in life than going to stay at a country house under a false name…” - P.G. Wodehouse
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