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a wasted share of shots at high-tide heaven

Surprisingly enough, work last night was very busy. I didn't realize it was the end of Greek Week until almost 18 hours later. Well, that would explain it. Lots of drunks, lots of assholes, lots of hook-ups. If those're the requirements to be a proper college student, I've obviously failed miserably on all counts. Except, of course, the "asshole" part. I've got that down pat.

I didn't do much today. A lot of contemplating the benefits of studying for Monday's Russian test, or maybe writing that résumé for French. Camus is an amazing writer/satirist, but I honestly don't know how I can possibly summarize La Contagion in under a page. It just isn't possible.

This evening I hung out with Danielle & Jessika, aka The Future Roommates. We had dinner (freaking amazing--I'm gonna be living with a real cook next year, bitches!), watched a couple of movies (Howl's Moving Castle and Stranger Than Fiction), and insulted each other beyond belief. Joyous Times Ensued. Next year is going to kick so much ass.

Next week: four day-week (Tuesday is a university-wide research conference), followed by a three day weekend. Mmm, sleep. And paper-writing. And... nobody to hang out with. Losers! Wimps! Harlots and harridans, the lot of you!
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