Adam (aodh) wrote,

Friends Only

It is with great sadness/regret/scorn* that I have decided to go Friends Only. There will be no changes if we are already friends.

I post several times a week, and they're generally about my day. I tend to be quite verbose. I'm only going friends only because I'm much more private now than I was at the age of 14. For some (slightly censored) examples of what you may encounter in this journal, please view my Xanga.

INFORMATION ABOUT ME (Or: In Which I Attempt To Persuade You, The Prospective Reader, To Add Me)
Hi, I'm Adam. I'm a college student at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, although I'm from the suburbs of Chicago. I'm a Russian major. My current goal in life is to make it through the next 2.25 years of college and then make my Great Escape to Europe. It'll be amazing.

I'm a big fan of music. I listen to everything--really. I enjoy indie, post-rock, rap, classical, country, etc. Some groups I like include 65DaysOfStatic, TV On The Radio, Russian Circles, Beirut, Klaxons, Garbage, Killing Heidi, and a few dozen other awesome musicians. (For more info, check out my page.)

I read a lot--I'm a big fan of mystery, fantasy, and scifi. I also enjoy reading classic literature, as I have a perverse interest in making myself more well-read. In no particular order, my favorite authors are: Connis Willis, Fyodor Dostoevsky, James Joyce, E.M. Forster, Ernest Hemingway, Edward Bloor, Patricia C. Wrede, and P.J. Parrish.

I also write random bullshit that I don't actually show anyone, although I do bitch about it quite a bit. I've participated in National Novel Writing Month four years in a row, and won three times.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot--I'm damn awesome. Isn't that reason enough to friend me? Yes? Thought so.

If you want to add me, knock yourself out. I'll add you back.

* by "scorn" I really mean "I wanted to use a completely random word just because I do that sort of thing." So... I did. How about them apples?
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