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We throw our hands up like we don't care anymore.

Well, it could've been worse.

The 65DaysOfStatic album is quite possibly the greatest thing I've heard all year, no fuckin' joke. And if you want some great (amazing, phenomenal, [insert other accolades here]) rap, check out P.O.S. You think rap is bad? You obviously haven't heard this man. And even if you don't like rap, I suggest that you remove the broom from your anus and listen. /hostility

I head back to Missouri tomorrow & I haven't even touched my Film paper yet. Shit. Well, at least I have until Wednesday.

I miss being healthy. Any Kirksvillains out there want to join me on a daily jaunt? Running or walking, I'm not picky. I know tons of routes around the 'ville, I just haven't had the motivation to utilize them as of late. Contact me if you're interested.
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