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oh, much too scared to feel what i do

Blackbud - Heartbeat
Brazilian Girls - Jique
Feist - My Moon, My Man
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez
Union of Knives - Evil Has Never

If anyone wants me to continue uploading music, please let me know. If nobody responds, I'll stop, and keep all the music to myself. Whores.

But yeah, these are some of the songs I've been digging lately. The fact that "Jique" has at least five languages in it (English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and maybe Spanish) makes it pretty awesome. The new Feist is making me look forward to the new album--the first left much to be desired (except, of course, for the sterling "Mushaboom"). Scritti Politti made the whole post-punk movement worth it. "Heartbeat" is becoming one of my favorite songs of all time. "Evil Has Never" has some great imagery.

In other news, my life is boring.

I've been doing a lot of reading. I have come to the conclusion that, no matter how chiseled the hero's body, or how mundanely average the protagonist appears, sex scenes are all shit. Reading about the same "washboard" abs and the same "moistening" page after page is not hot. Neither is using the word "slit." And joking about turning into a leopard mid-coitus--what the fuck?* Please get back to the demons taking over the world. Thx!

I've also been trying to find the gumption to get my hair cut, but it just ain't happening. Oh well. Maybe later this week?

* This may just be the sort of book I read. I like vampires, I like werewolves, I like magic, but I don't like bad sex scenes. I could name some names (cough cough LAURELL "the rancid cunt" K HAMILTON), but I'll avoid it... for now. All's I want're some good sex scenes. Or maybe just sex with a werewolf. I'm not picky.
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