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je te chuchote mes pensées

Je m'inquiète de l'exposé que je donnerai demain. Je sais tous les choses que je parlerai (spécifiquement, l'Aquitaine--une région du sud-ouest de la France)... mais je m'inquiète parce que je ne suis pas très fantastique avec les exposés en anglais, sans parler du fait que l'exposé serait en français. Merde. Souhaite-moi bonne chance, svp!

Random school crap that nobody but me actually cares about: I totally got an A+ on that stupid Bio paper, and I did much better on Tuesday's test than I was expecting. My grade in the class is a solid B. Today's Trig quiz went smashingly, primarily due to the fact that I kick ass and actually understand a mathematical concept for a change. For whatever reason, I've been speaking up more in Film the last few weeks. Alexander Nevsky was a shitty film.

After class tomorrow, I head back to Chicago for a week. Will anyone else be there? I'd really like to hang out. As in, fuck, I beg of you. I haven't actually seen a single Chicago friend since August 2006, and most of you I haven't seen since well before even that. I don't want to spend the entire break working on my papers for French & Film (on one of Simone de Beauvoir's stories/Battleship Potemkin, respectively) just because I'm a misanthropic asshole. If I don't hang out with anyone, I'm going to turn to Meaningless Sex, Copious Amounts Of Alcohol, and Hard 'n' Heavy Drugs to soothe my wounded heart. So. Just sayin'!
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