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and i don't live but i love my life

I've been in a lousy mood all morning, primarily because this is going to be a miserable week. I had a meeting with my advisor at 11:30, and we chatted some about what courses I'll be taking next semester. Apparently Major Russian Writers will focus on Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. Some of what will be studied: Crime & Punishment (aka one of the reasons why I'm a Russian major), Brothers Karamazov, War & Peace, and Anna Karenina. My mood immediately improved.

Russian Literature cheered me up. Good grief. I'm ridiculous.

I'm not terribly fond of folk music, but here's my official declaration: Findlay Brown > Jose Gonzalez > 85% of 60s folk music > Willy Mason (haha THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES). Seriously, if you want to hear some fucking amazing songs, download Don't You Know I Love You and/or But You Love Me. I mean, I actually care enough about this that I uploaded one of the mp3s, which took like 30 minutes and made me kind of angry. Shouldn't you take advantage of my kindness? (Response: Yes.)

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