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Long, Introspective, and Deliberately Melodramatic (Or: My Life)

I call it my Great Escape.

I have wanted to travel for as long as I can remember; admittedly, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, so that isn't saying much. I want to see the world, explore cultures worlds away from my own, learn new things, etc. As Ambulance LTD so eloquently puts it, I want to "shake hands with foreign lands." I was going to start by studying abroad in France, or maybe India. Or Finland.

And then I got to college, and study abroad is within reach... but my indecisiveness worked against me yet again. Now I have to fit my major(s) into the next four semesters, and study abroad just isn't going to work out. And that's ridiculous, since I'm majoring in a fucking foreign language.

So. My new plan developed sometime after I declared my Russian major; after graduation, I will find a job teaching English in a foreign country. Any country. I will work and live and travel outside of the US for five years, and then I'll consider settling down somewhere, spreading roots instead of reaching for the sun. Not a day goes by without my fantasizing about moving to Russia, or Syria, or Brazil, or even South Korea.

But sometimes I think I shouldn't wait. Sometimes, I think that I should go now--drop out of college, make my way to China. Senegal. Croatia. It'd be so much easier, so much less expensive, to save the money, avoid the loans, and just get out. However, doing this without a job offer, or even a degree, would be next to impossible... and downright stupid. Really, incredibly stupid. But shouldn't I take advantage of the present?

What I really need is to meet & fall in love with someone from a foreign country and move to be with them. We'll survive on love, 60s style, and maybe sell drugs/our bodies/our children to pay for our education. I'll get my Great Escape. And when we break up, at least I'll have a ton of great memories and stories. At least I'll have lived.

And that's the important thing, isn't it?
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