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burn down their hanging trees

A Thought:

watching the Superbowl with a group of girls who all have an obsession with Peyton Manning is kinda disturbing. Oh, and the Bears losing? Totally unsurprising. Football is pretty much the shittiest sport ever... right next to baseball. And the commercials? Fucking ridiculous. (Except K-Fed...)

Funny quotes:

"Being offered a booty call from a girl whose really large boyfriend is just across the room is just a little weird."
"Her ARMY STRONG boyfriend, you mean?"

"I ain't no Harlem black girl!"

"Just hearing her voice could give you STDs."
"They're actually called STIs now."
"They'll always be STDs in my little world!"

"*reads French out loud*"
"Oh my god, that is so hot."
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