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I'll always be there, oh oh my future love.

I am so worn out. Classes are devouring my soul, I've written multiple papers and lab write-ups this week, I have a Bio test and a Russian quiz tomorrow, I've been having even more sleep problems this semester than ever before... plus night monitoring... I'm probably going to die from exhaustion before long.

In my Russian Film class we watched Battleship Potemkin (Броненосец Потёмкин) on Monday, and good lord, was it ever amazing. I walked away from it feeling numb--even though it was only tangentially based on reality--but god, the steps scene? The use of lighting? The patterns/motifs? Outstanding. Why don't they make 'em like that anymore?

The song "The Storm" by Doves is fantastic. I mean, it's incredibly depressing, but it's a truly cinematic, atmospheric masterpiece. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Death from a whole new perspective. ("to weather it all / to come out the other side / with the moon all high / i'll see you on the other side / so come out the other side...")

RE: next season's cast of Survivor: where're all the white people? I counted 3, total, out of 19. Is that not strange to anyone but me?
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