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hey hey my playmate, let me lay waste to thee

Quelquefois, je souhaite que je sache la manière d'écrire précisément ce que je pense.

Je sais les sentiments, les sensations, les émotions que je veux écrire; je les sais dans mes os. Cependant, je ne sais pas comment les écrire, comment les traduire au papier (ou, uh, à l'ordinateur). Bloody motherfuckin' hell.

Long week, little sleep, stress levels rising. I love my French class--it's incredibly difficult, incredibly intense, but so worth it. God. I love that language. (Russian is equally amazing, except for the disaster better known as "verbs of motion." And verbal aspect. And declension. And...)

Taken from Brittany: "Comment here and I'll tell you one thing that I like about you (or I'll try... seriously, some of you are just assholes!) Then go post it in your LJ and return the sentiment." FYI, if you're an asshole, I will not tell you--instead, I'll come up with some particularly creative thing I like about you just so I can continue bitching you out behind your back. Are you feeling lucky, punk?
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