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ignoring his gritted teeth and throbbing back

I have characters, I have a setting, I have a lot of background on the world, I have an amazing first paragraph (and a couple of pages of extra exposition that I probably won't use, but it's good to have anyway), I have a tone and General Meanings And Metaphors and a number of scenes that I Really Really Want To Use.

But I don't have a reason for any of this. I don't know if there will be cloning, or time travel, or magic, or all of the above. I don't know who the bad guy is going to be (a serial killer? The government? Us?), I don't know the Whys or the Hows, I just know the Whats and the Whens and the Whos. I need a plot somethin' fierce.

Russian test = eh. The bookstore finally got the Russian textbooks in though, and I got a Russian-English/English-Russian dictionary for $11.40. Its going price is $40. How outrageously amazing is that? And it's a damn good dictionary. I practically orgasm every time I see it. God. I'm such a dictionary whore. (I have 3 French dictionaries, 2 Italian, 2 Russian, and 1 English... dictionaries are my crack and I'm an addict.)

The rest of my day wasn't important. Long, boring, tiring. Nothing special.
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