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have you got 20 cents to buy some more?

Can I get a "what what" for injuries that aren't as bad as they should be?

I have Beaten The Odds and have kept off a substantial amount of weight for (over) a year. Paraphrasing my doctor: "props, dude, DON'T FUCK UP NOW!!!"

I have been in DP since Friday and I have yet to do anything with anyone. This break is beginning to resemble last summer. Do I even have friends anymore? Yeah, probably not. Do I care? Surprisingly enough, not really. Whatever. Suck it, assholes.

Tomorrow... I will teach myself the instrumental case. And I will start up yet another journal en français (e forse in italiano, perche voglio migliorare e ricordare il mio italiano), parce que je veux me préparer pour ma classe avec Prof. B le semestre prochain. C'est possible que je sois l'écrire ici, dans ce journal. Seriously, I just had some major problems switching from Italian back to French--I was trying to go to Russian instead. Eek! Я не хотел писать по-русский!, and I'll just stop there before I totally make a fool of myself. (My Russian is, well, pretty awful.)
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