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As I told Amanda earlier, while I was hauled into an alley and brutally raped by the Phonetics final, I did the raping in Algebra. I'm pretty sure that I managed to penetrate Algebra's cervix & caused a few abortions. Woohoo!

The French paper is DONE. All 19 pages are ready to go. I'm going to head off the the final in about 15 minutes. Je ne pense pas que ce serait mauvais, parce que je pense en francais maintenant, bitches!

Today I have eaten: 3 packs of pop-tarts (two cherry, one brown cinnamon), one brownie cupcake, two vending machine cupcakes, and baked Cheetos. As Caitlin said, it's my final's week diet. I don't think I ever ate this poorly even back when I was overweight. Yikes. STRESS STRESS STRESS FOOD YUM :(

Tomorrow: sleep, Russian, check out the apartment, hang out with Amanda, Russian, sleep, hang out with parents, sleep, pack, Russian. Not necessarily in that order. Tonight I may or may not be sleeping, hanging out with Amanda some more, studying, eating pancakes, searching for people to hang out with who aren't Amanda for a change?, studying, sleeping, etc. Excitement!

Now I'm off to my third final of the day. BRING IT, MOTHAFUCKA!
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