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finders keepers, losers weepers.

I am officially majoring in Russian (and minoring in French). Major #4. Let's go for keeps, okay? F'realz this time.

The 10 pages for French = 1 page. Turns out 9 of those pages can be turned in as late as Tuesday. I will be taking advantage of that. Of course, I still have to work on my other paper (la différence entre un mythe et un conte), but that just requires describing a few myths/fairy tales. No big deal. But seriously, next semester, I'm going to give up procrastination & move into the library. (8 hours a week with Prof. B? I'd have to be crazy not to do just that.)

My first attempt to find a place to live next year began today, with more info to come next week. I'm not going to go into massive amounts of detail, mainly because I don't want to jinx it. If it works out, it'll be a great situation. Just hope for the best.

Emoticon Descriptions of Tests:
Math test today = :(
Russian test tomorrow = :x
Intro CMDS test Friday = :/
French entretien on Friday = :o
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