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I don't like this place, I don't like what it's become.

This has been a long weekend... the last bit of relaxation I'll experience until after finals are over.

Work last night was pretty good. Last time I'll work that shift this semester... hopefully I'll get the same shift next semester. I like working the early shift, and weekends are at least fairly eventful.

Today we had the Russian Club dinner. I helped cook, which really involved mincing various foods and whipping some egg whites for the blini. We had piroshkis, paprikas csirke (Megan's fantastic recipe), blini, honey drink, cookies, baklava, other stuff that I can't remember... very Russian/Eastern European, very good. I wasn't expecting the dinner to turn out well, but I was very, very wrong. The best moment of the afternoon was when an electric burner caught on fire. Oh, Russkiy Klub...

I have a secret project cooking (er, not literally). It'll be thrilling. I won't really have much time to work on it this week (Monday: Russian vocab quiz. Tuesday: Russian vocab quiz, Phonetics test. Wednesday: Algebra test. Thursday: Russian test. Friday: CMDS test. Not to mention various meetings, studying, tutoring, study groups, and so on...). Hopefully once I'm back in Chicago I can get working on it.

Happy 19th Birthday, Kevin! I wish you all sorts of pterodactyl sex and betchslaps on this fine day.
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