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If I decided to make you my religion, I think that I would be kind.

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November 29, 2006 | 09:14pm
Mood: impossible craving
Music: Carrie Akre - Back and Forth

Yesterday it was ~65 degrees. Today? Big ice storm, below-freezing weather, rain, wind, the works. Kirksville, your weather sucks ass.

Tonight's Russian homework looked so innocent. Just 2.5 pages long. No big deal, right? Hah. For whatever reason, that mofo took almost an hour. Probably because I'm a pathetic excuse for a human being and just can't remember the motherfucking case endings.

Funny quote(s) of the day: "У меня в доме нет комнаты." "Wow, that's a great house."- me & Dan. (Roughly translated: "My house doesn't have rooms.") Also: "My Nintendo Wii fund disappeared like a Tijuana crackwhore on tax day." - Jake, in Algebra. I feel bad for him... his neighbors are assholes.

Carrie Akre is coming out with a new album! I've loved that woman longer than I've loved Tori Amos, and that's saying something. She's as indie as it comes--unsigned, does only local shows in Seattle, etc. What I've heard of her new stuff is, well, amazing. /music whore

hipsters and style pass after awhile
i hope when you look back you're wearing a smile
but chances are you're gonna carry a heartful
of fine, fine bitterness

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