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gotta put my shoes on

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November 6, 2006 | 08:08am
Mood: gotta learn how to type cyrillic

Instead of studying for one of my many tests and quizzes today, I wrote a short story in Russian (partially for homework, partially because I had fun writing it). God, I love languages.

Сегодня вечером, я и моей подруги были в дома. Я читал книгу а она смотреть телевизор. «Я хочу танцевать!» она говорила. Я говорил, «Да.» На дискотеке, мы и нашего друзьи танцевали - и моей самой хорошой подруги танцевала на столе!

Translation: Yesterday evening, me and my friend were at home. I was reading a book and she was watching television. "I want to dance!" she said. I said, "Yes." At the discotheque, us and our friends danced - and my best friend danced on the table!

Okay, now I get to go perform a musical for my Intro group project. Wish me luck!

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