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my love is bigger than your love.

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November 4, 2006 | 10:17pm
Mood: good
Music: McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions

Today's word count: 2783
Total word count: 8691
Should be at: 6667
Variance: +2024

Things I've Googled for my novel today:

alphenstock, chinese demons, caucus mountains, martinique, methods of killing a demon, mythology animals, mythology deformed animals, russian patronymics, snuff boxes, teenager pictures, wollongong, yellowknife, xiao chinese demon

I forgot that my MC has a full-sleeve tattoo. Whoops. I went back and edited it in.

Now... off to work.

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(no subject)

from: andendquote
date: November 6, 2006 03:31am (UTC)

this is hilarious.

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: November 6, 2006 05:01am (UTC)

i thought so too ;)

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