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it's fine all of the time.

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October 18, 2006 | 07:54am
Mood: IUD, SIS
Music: Peaches - Fuck The Pain Away

This year's batch of Truman NaNoers seem to be pretty much amazing. Lots of language nerds. Everyone seems to be writing fantasy or modernist realism--no other mystery writers to be found. :(

Je pense que je commencerai écriver un journal en français. Pourquoi? Je veux améliorer la vitesse auquel je l'écrive. C'est une bonne idée, mais je ne sais pas si je le ferai. Aussi, c'est possible que j'écriverai dans ce journal en français, sans un autre journal. Nous verrai.

Fantastic Facebook group: "I Picked a Major I Like, and One Day I Will Probably Be Living In a Box." Since I'm leaning toward switching my major to French and/or Russian, this group fits me perfectly. Especially considering how translation, business, and teaching don't interest me...

Today: French tutoring with Dr. F, watch half of Marius et Jeannette & write a short paper, study Russian, begin and/or finish my CMDS paper on autism, study Algebra. Thrilling.

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from: aodh
date: October 18, 2006 10:28pm (UTC)

if you kill yourself, i swear to god, i'll resurrect you and kill you again. DON'T THINK I WOULDN'T DO IT.

french = <3

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