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300 fucking dollars.

So. NaNoWriMo, anyone? (Anyone participating this year? Mary, Mary, Brittany, Tiffany, mom?)

Title: A Thirst for Death
Genre: YA Mystery
Plot: 10 years ago, the Chicago suburbs were terrorized by a serial killer. People of all sexes, races, and ages were brutally murdered; the only thing connecting the murders were small designs drawn with the blood of the victims. After 10 deaths, the killing stopped--until now...

Ray's mother was the tenth victim, and the most violent, grisly death. When he hears that new murders by the same killer are occurring, he begins to have violent nightmares of his mother, begging him to find her killer, as she's killed again and again. Before long, the 17 year old becomes obsessed with making the nightmares stop--even if it means he has to do what the police haven't, and find his mother's killer...

As he pursues a seemingly futile search, the deaths are beginning to get more violent and occur more frequently and closer to home. With the help of a suspiciously enthusiastic tattooed librarian, the lawyer sister of a recent victim who has an eye out for revenge, and a close friend with some secrets of her own, will Ray be able to find the killer in time--or will he be the next one to slake the killer's thirst for death?
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