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And I know, just like I know, no way of knowing.

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October 12, 2006 | 06:27pm
Mood: frisky
Music: The Dandy Warhols - Hard On For Jesus

This is a really long entry because I just don't know how to shut up. But y'know what? WHATEVAR. :)

- I've always had problems with my accent & the tone of my voice. People have always commented on my accent, saying that I sound "German" or "British"--how they hear those, I don't know, considering how I was born & raised in Chicago. People have also always commented on how quiet I am; "Speak up, Adam!" has not been an uncommon phrase in my life. Today: I discovered in Phonetics that the pitch of my voice is unusually low. Wow. I never knew that. Awesome.

- My midterm grades are really fucking depressing. I'm getting a VERY high A in Russian (think +97%) and B's and C's (!!!!) in the rest of my classes. I'm actually doing better in Math than I am in Intro CMDS & Phonetics. Good grief.

- Class thoughts for next semester: Elementary Russian II, Russian & Soviet Cinema, French Comp & Conv II, Biology, Trig, and maybe Public Speaking. 16-19 credit hours, depending on how how crazy I feel.

- Classes are over for the week. Huzzah for fall break! Three days of sleep and sitting around doing nothing for a change--sounds like heaven to me. Well, except for working the 2-6 shift on Saturday. And writing out Russian vocab. Lame.

Two Reasons Why Attending A (Relatively) Small School Is A Good Thing:

- Background Info: I met with Prof. B & Dr. J about maybe majoring in Russian about 1.5 weeks ago; they said some flattering things & gave me some things to think about; etc. Anyway, after I finished my Russian test today, my professor stopped me and asked me whether I was thinking about doing the summer Russian program (to get a year ahead). I said that I'm thinking that I'd like to do that next summer (if I can afford it) & that I'd like to study in Moscow second semester junior year or the summer after junior year. She said that I should think about applying soon, so I can get scholarships or financial aid or whatever, and that she would be willing to write me a "great recommendation" for that program.

- Dr. F, my French professor, is fantastic. I went in to see him last month because my grammar & speaking skills are, well, shitty. First he let me borrow a grammar book to review. Then he began being more nitpicky on my papers--which I'm okay with, since I want to improve. Then he set up a weekly tutoring session in which he reviews French grammar with me, for a full frickin' hour. Due to yesterday's grammar session, I actually answered a question in class today that no one else could answer.

How many of you who attend a bigger school would be inundated with recommendations & have a professor willingly set aside an extra hour to tutor you outside of class? None? That's right, mothafuckas.

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(no subject)

from: tiffbert
date: October 13, 2006 05:46am (UTC)

Well, i so rarely get to interact with you on anything other than lj, so i tend to read some of your posts.
That's one of the good things about Loyola, we have some really good professors. Plus, i think professor attention is mostly what you make of it. Heck, i'm getting one of my 100-person lecture hall teachers to write a recommendation for me, because i sat in the front row of the auditorium and made a lot of eye contact and came to office hours almost every other week.

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: October 13, 2006 01:10pm (UTC)

hee, thanks--we really need to chat on the phone one of these days, just to catch up :)

okay, your explanation makes sense. but still, i just can't help but think that the average student at a larger school WOULDN'T be taking advantage of everything like you are. i know that's how i'd be. i tend to work better in smaller classes with more professor interaction.

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