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there's nothing interesting in your bones.

I really enjoy Russian. The grammar is incredible. I mean, seriously, the superlative is just declensions of самый. None of that "meilleur" or "mieux" bullshit. How fantastic is that? The only issues I'm having with the language are remembering to use the ИКs and the pronunciation (which is rich, coming from someone who has studied fuckin' French, the language with extraneous letters that don't really do anything except look pretty).

I'm kind of disappointed by this season's new TV shows. I can honestly say that I'm only going to keep watching two of the new shows: Ugly Betty, which sounds stupid but is surprisingly good (America Ferrera is my future wife, BTW), and Heroes, which is kind of like Lost, but better. Fuckin' Lost. Of course, I think I'll keep watching shows from last season as well: Veronica Mars (!!!!!), Bones, House, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural... oh, television. The opium of the masses. (Much like Dan Brown... and Lost... and--)

My observations class is meeting on Friday, and I, uh, haven't actually done any observations yet. Oops? I know for a fact that I'm not the only one, so I don't care all that much. I've been completely bombing tests and quizzes in both of my CMDS classes. Do I really want to major in something that I'm completely sucking at? That's something to consider.

The homework situation this week has been suspiciously light. I mean, seriously, I've had to do my normal Russian worksheets and only one paper for French, and that's it. The reason: next week--in which we get Friday off--I will have four quizzes and two tests. I'll probably be huddled under my desk slitting my wrists by the time Friday comes around.

Completely unrelated music nonsense: The Wrens' CD Secaucus will be officially rereleased for the first time since 1996! Hot dog! Favorite songs of the last five seconds: "Waxing/Waning" by Great Northern, "Blues From Down Here" by TV On The Radio, "We're Open" by The Doers, "Hey Uri!" by Coin Op, and, of course, "Your Perfect Gene" by Junior Bloomsday (ft. Cadence Weapon). A pleasant mixture of indie, rock, post-rock, pseudo-alternative rap, and general awesomeness.
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