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friend of the devil

1. I'm coming down with a cold. I'm taking my vitamins, pouring liquids down my throat, and all that good stuff. Sniffle sniffle sneeze cough.

2. Tomorrow I have an appointment to discuss certain academic-related things. Before I came down with this cold I was really excited. Now I'm apathetic. I'm beginning to think that I should drop out and move to, like, Russia. Don't be surprised if I do just that.

3. Wolfmother is quite possibly the greatest rock band that has ever existed. I'm not joking. I recommend Dimension, White Unicorn, Colossal, and Woman. Fuck yeah. Also, check out Swans (Life After Death) by Islands. And Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio. And Tone Bank Jungle by Holy Fuck.

4. What's with the weather improving all of a sudden? Not that I'm complaining, but 80+ degree days in October are just kind of weird. Also, just 31 days until NaNoWriMo! I've already got my novel kind of thought out. Anyone else doing it this year?
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