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this is where i procrastinate and contemplate going to the c-store again.

I don't like my major. The only other thing I can see myself majoring in will require a ton of extra work over the next 2.5 years, unless I want to stay in Kirksvegas for an extra semester or two. Fuck that shit. I'll figure things out.

Today was chaotic. I had a French paper due that I wrote this morning (I know, I know), a Russian vocab quiz (that went amazingly), and a Phonetics test (could've done better, could've done worse). Plus, I accidentally knocked my water bottle onto my computer last night, which resulted in All Sorts Of Fun. It appears to be working now, so I'm not too weepy. Yet.

I really have to begin studying for tomorrow's Russian & Algebra quizzes, but I have no motivation. I never have any motivation. Plus, I already know half of the Russian vocab for tomorrow's quiz, so that won't be too difficult. I hope. Huzzah for spending massive amounts of time studying! lolzlzz jk

I really want to eat, but I've already eaten pretty much everything in the world (except for a few school children from Darfur), so that's pretty shitty.

I think the reason why I want to learn so many languages is because I want to find a way to express myself. Sometimes, English isn't enough.
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