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but god i like it.

What a long week. And still another day left...

Russian test: 97%. Ohhh snap. I don't know how I managed it, but I'm definitely happy. We've just begun to learn a new case and how to conjugate miscellaneous verbs, which is kind of--dare I say it?--fun. My Algebra test was a nightmare, but I got 77/100 and I'm definitely not complaining. Why? Because I actually got 73 points & she didn't add it up correctly. If I can get a B in that class, I will be as happy as fuck. Um, the CMDS 200 test could've been worse, and the Phonetics test was pushed back to next Tuesday.

I don't know what I want anymore. Normally that wouldn't worry me, considering how I'm such an indecisive, ridiculous schmuck, but extenuating circumstances are kind of getting in the way. Lame.

I don't really have anything of any importance to say. So... here are some pictures from last night.

& more here.
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