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pitch black

Life Events:

- my very, very intense Russian professor was returning the vocab lists today & was commenting on everyone's handwriting. "And some of us," she said, handing me my paper, "have perfect handwriting."

- I totally bombed my Phonetics quiz today. I have two quizzes tomorrow (Russian spelling rules & Algebra), a Russian vocab quiz on Thursday, part two of the Russian vocab quiz on Friday, and the Russian chapter one test on Monday. And then we start the cycle over again.

- I have to somehow fit in time to study for those quizzes and watch a French movie/write a paper by Thursday, read various chapters of various textbooks, and, uh, study some more.

- My grandfather (мой дедушка) turns 94 tomorrow. He eats everything with salt and/or butter, he loves sweets, and he still has all of his hair. How's that for good genes?

- It was raining as I was trying to go from Barnett to my dorm yesterday, I pulled a back muscle yesterday morning (pre-rain), and I'm still in a godawful mood. Obviously the world is out to get me.

- By the end of the semester I'm going to be a quivering mess. Well, that's only if I manage to make it out alive, which is looking more and more unlikely as every day goes by.
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