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August 30, 2006 | 10:43pm
Mood: penetrated

So, um, apparently I'm good at French?

I definitely placed into the French-for-people-who-are-good-at-French section of FREN 320. Of course, life being how it is, Amanda and Brianna ended up in the other section. This'll be the first time since college started that I won't have a class with Amanda. At least she's just downstairs!

But yeah, I'm freaking out because I really, seriously, honestly, completely, truly, and utterly suck ass at speaking French. Merde.

In other news, I went to Centennial for dinner today with one of my suitemates & ended up running into, and eating with, Kyle and Nate. My opinion: going to dinner at 6:30 is good if you want to find somewhere to sit but bad if you want something edible. Fuckin' Sodexho...

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from: aodh
date: August 31, 2006 01:16pm (UTC)

haha, don't worry, most people have issues speaking French... and it's to be expected of someone who doesn't have much experience with it. Lots of speaking at the back of your mouth & spitting is to be expected. :)

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Captain Kirby, a.k.a. Aranelle

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from: _kirbylicious_
date: August 31, 2006 02:05pm (UTC)


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