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I don't have anything to say.


- MySpace is pretty much the sleasiest website on the internet, and I'm not even fucking kidding. Yeah, everyone already knows this, but it's true. Random people looking to hook-up, people I don't know just wanting another trophy, 14 year olds with an attitude... basically, it's the asshole of the internet. If not for the fact that not all of my friends have Facebook, I'd delete that mothafucka like whoa.

- probably I should just give up on sleep. It takes me hours to fall asleep, naps make me stay up even later, and I'm obviously doomed to a perpetual state of consciousness anyways. I have a feeling that if I died, I'd come back from the dead after an hour or so and never sleep again. This Is My World.

- I think I kinda want to make my journal entries private. I don't care as much about comments as I did back when I was 14, and I write more for myself than anything else. Plus, this way I could make inflammatory remarks and not offend 94368 people whilst I do so. The Problem: I sort of like offending 94368 people.

- I'm beginning to hate this mohawk. I like the shaved part--although the wrinkle on the back of my head looks pretty much ridiculous--but the mohawk is uneven and doesn't even look good. Oh well. I'll probably shave it sometime soon. Maybe I'll try it again one day...

- At the very least, I plan on rereading Crime and Punishment and reading The Brothers Karamazov before I head back to Kirksville in a couple weeks. You heard me. This will be my 6th expedition into "improving my life via classic literature" this summer. Has my life improved? Not really. Will it? Well, Dostoevsky is pretty much my idol, so I sure hope so. If not, then maybe these books could help me with my sleep issues.

- I've been plotting. I now have two pages. This is a Good Thing.
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