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July 20, 2006 | 11:07pm
Mood: superman is dead.
Music: M - Monde virtuel

My right eye is entirely pink.

What this means:
1. My allergies are acting up all of a sudden (probability: 15%)
2. My eye decided that it prefers the color pink to white (probability: 63%)
3. The contacts I've only worn 4 times already need to be replaced (probability: 94.2%)

What I will do about this:
1. Stop reading Italian articles that dance around Zidane's headbutt and go to bed (probability: 4%)
2. Change my contacts AGAIN, have the same thing happen AGAIN, and make a similar post one week from today (probability: 50%)
3. I will wear my contacts for another few weeks, potentially destroy my eyesight for good, and never be able to see again (probability: 50%)

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