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there is hardly a method you know.

Random Thoughts About Music.

- I am really enjoying everything I've heard from TV On The Radio's new album. It makes various body parts tingle in all the right ways.

- The New Pornographers (and, therefore, Neko Case) is becoming one of my favorite groups--right behind Garbage. Oh yeah.


- I am so fucking happy that I've discovered post-rock groups. Regardless of the total pretentious indie-asshole posturing, it's still a fucking amazing style of music.

- I am in love with Odd Nordstoga's song "Kveldssong for deg og meg." So what if it's Norwegian and I can't understand it? It's fucking outstanding no matter what language it's in.

- America did something right for once when they voted for Kelly Clarkson on American Idol, and so what if I'm several years behind on the uptake? I also enjoy some of Christina Aguilera's songs, and I like her voice better than Whitney "Beat me Bobby!" Houston's and Mariah "lol I'm still 9 years old" Carey's. Britney Spears needs to put some clothing on because, seriously, if I wanted to see that shit I'd go to a porn site.

Random Thoughts About Non-Music Bullshit.

- Srsly, I need to decide whether I'm going to drop Biology for Russian or not. Probably the smart thing to do would be taking Biology next semester, since it's an LSP class and required for my major, but I have a continuous orgasm over Russian and various other Slavic languages whenever I think of them, so yeah.

- I need to decide whether I'm going to change my name before I get back to school. I like Adam perfectly fine, but I also kind of like my middle name. Could anyone see me as a Thom?

- If this year sucks as much as last year, I'm dropping out and backpacking through Europe. Just so you know.

- STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE WEREWOLVES GODDAMMIT! Not fucking kidding. (Nobody knows but me, and let's keep it that way.)
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