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gulag orkestar

Kevin is pretty seriously homosexual. Just thought I'd share.

So Kevin called last night to see if I wanted to do anything. "Sure!" I said.

Driving down Drake.

We went to Woodfield, which was really lame. I didn't take any pictures there for whatever reason. Then we went to Meijer, which is pretty much Super Wal-Mart.

Kevin converts to high-tops. Bitch.

Putting them on in the car.


I have shaky hands.


So then we went to Justin's, where he, Harsh, and this random other guy I don't know were doing musical stuff.

Justin being attractive.

Kevin and Harsh

LADIES! He's single, sexy, and willing!

Then we got into bed together. I don't know what the fuck Kevin and Justin are doing. Stop looking at my zit! Jeez!

Note the poster.

Don't you want to wake up to this every morning? I know I do. Oh yeah.

Awww. Justypoo (pretending to be) asleep!

And then we went home.

In other news, I'm breaking out, my voice is cracking, and it feels like I'm going through puberty again (sans the hormone bullshit). The first time, I never broke out, my voice never cracked, I never got a growth spurt, and I still can't grow a full beard/moustache. If this continues, maybe I'll get lucky and hit 6'. Plus, I'd actually kind of like muttonchops.

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