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omgggggggggggg TORI AMOS ALERT!

Oh my dear sweet hell ass balls. Dolphin Song. Not David Bowie. ZERO MOTHAFUCKIN' POINT!

How the hell did I not find out about this for two and a half weeks?! My god. I am so far out of the Tori loop that I'm actually kind of ashamed.

It's time to start saving up the--oh god--$75 this collection costs. Goddamn.

Why the fuck don't I have a Tori icon? Shirley Manson and a Tori lyric will just have to do, I guess.

Now, all I have to do is continue hoping that Garbage won't break up and that they'll do a Tori and release a b-sides album within the next five years...

oh my god i am such a fanboy
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