December 4th, 2016

visor sneer

최근 스트레스

I wrote my last post on Thursday and a lot has happened since then.

Friday I made the executive decision to be an hour later to my undergrad class. Why? Because I am fucking sick of the awkward group discussions about our books, that's why. So I was an hour late... and when I showed up I discovered that only 3 classmates had bothered to show up. Oh boy. I felt really embarrassed. Also felt like I had egg on my face when the professor let us out 20 minutes later. Yikes.

At 3pm I met up with my advisor. He gave me some advice about my thesis. I'd emailed him a brief summary of what I was thinking; that I wanted to write about gender, and that I was looking into writing about Choe Yun or Gong Jiyoung. When we met up he told me that my idea of gender was a good idea, and that he'd recommend that I consider Choe Yun over Gong Jiyoung, since there has been a lot of research about Gong Jiyoung's writing and gender in her works. He then asked me if I had the thesis evaluation paper that had caused this whole mess. "What?" I said. I went and got a copy from the graduate school office, brought it to him, and he filled it out. Then I submitted it. Because he did that I did NOT fail the 1 credit pass/fail class. I am just... I don't even know. Blown away. I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

On Saturday I wrote the undergraduate class paper in English, and in the evening met up with Ted near Gongdeok (Mapo). We had really good samgyupsal and then got coffee (well, hot chocolate). Today (Sunday) I translated the paper into Korean and Skyller helped me edit it. He's offered to be my Korean tutor/help me edit my final papers, which is incredibly kind of him. I am hopeful that it'll actually work out and I'll find my Korean skills improving.

I don't have class tomorrow, so I intend on spending the day writing the melancholia paper. My current plan is to write the entirety of that paper on Monday/Tuesday in English. Then from Wednesday I'll work on the semiotics presentation. And eventually I'll get around to translating and also writing/translating the Korean Lit History paper. Most importantly is that I actually finished one final paper(!) already! Yeah, it was short, and kind of a low-effort paper, but it's another weight off my back. I just hope I can keep up this momentum over the next 2 weeks. And then... freedom. (Eh, kinda.)
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