November 24th, 2016

visor sneer

너무 좋지 않은 일주일

This week though... ay yi yi.

So I had all these grand plans of working on all my papers/presentations this week, right? Well, Tuesday morning I got up, went to the gym, came home, and was suddenly just... out of it. I usually pace around my apartment in an attempt to get steps, but I was so worn out and tired I couldn't even make myself stay standing for more than a couple minutes at a time.

It got worse and worse; as the day progressed I started to get hot and cold flashes, a bad headache, and I felt like I was going to puke. I forced myself to set up and work on my paper for about 30 minutes in the afternoon, but found myself too out of it to do any good so I went back to bed. I was at my worst at about 4:30pm, took an hour long nap, and found myself feeling a bit better. I forced myself to go out to get food from the convenience store and I managed to break my fever by being outside in the cold weather. I took a cold shower and more or less felt back to normal by 8pm. A big waste of a day.

Wednesday I made a little progress on my paper. Very little. I found a lot of sources but didn't do much with them. I did meet up with Ted in the evening and we got pajeon and coffee, so that was good.

Today... well, I managed to make a lot of progress on my paper. But like, it's not very good. I kind of just regurgitated everything I read in modified Korean, more or less cribbing it all. I don't really know how else to do it though, honestly? I'm not quite done, but it's Thanksgiving, goddammit, so I'm calling it quits for the day. I only have another page left to write, so as long as I force myself to sit down and do some work on it tomorrow I'll be good to go. I don't really think the presentation itself is super important though, to be honest. I think what's more important- especially for me right now- is that I build enough of a base/background knowledge in Korean surrealism/dadaism and Yi Sang's poetry that I can produce two final papers on it in the next few weeks. I... don't necessarily know if that's what I'm doing, but I'm goddamn well trying. Anyways, if I can finish it tomorrow, that'll give me the weekend to work on the melancholia paper, which should be immensely easier. Well, maybe. Sorta. Kinda. Ugh.

Anyways, today is Thanksgiving and I had leftover pajeon for breakfast and ordered Chinese food for dinner. How American is that, right? Eating Korean-style Chinese food for an American holiday. I mean, if I can't celebrate the holiday with turkey, may as well go for the second best option, amirite?

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