November 8th, 2016

serious business

감기 싫다 ㅜ

I have a cold and within the next 24 hours the president of the United States will be decided. Here's hoping the right decision is made. Also, that my cold gets better...

In other news... Let's see... Two weekends ago I went with Nick and Kay to Nami Island. It was super crowded but very pretty - I'd like to go back one day when nobody else is there. Last Wednesday I met up with Sangeon in Myeongdong. We got Chinese food for dinner, walked around Cheonggyecheon, and got coffee.

Saturday was interesting. I had to work on my presentation for Cognitive Linguistics class this week, so I met up with Sangeon at a Starbucks near Jonggak and we studied/hung out for a while. By the time we left it was dark- and here's where it gets interesting. There were a ton of riot police out. Fair enough, the shaman scandal with the president has resulted in non-stop protests near Gwanghwamun. But then... We saw the crowds. Holy mackerel. The official estimates range from 43,000 to 200,000 people. We went a street over to the lantern festival... Even more people. Then we tried to get food... Insane.

I spent a million hours Sunday working on my presentation. Today I did it... It's over and done with. Not great, but done. My real issue now is this damn cold. It's not even too bad, but... Ugh. If it could just end I'd be thrilled.
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