August 22nd, 2016

visor sneer

최근 현상

The surgery went well enough I suppose. Not gonna go too in-depth, but it wasn't as painful as I'd been led to expect (although certain actions are downright excruciating, although it's improving daily). Getting the spinal was fascinating- I could feel that something was happening, but I didn't actually know what. Then my legs felt super numb after, very similar to the numbness I've had in my leg since my surgery last year- I was a little worried that I had more nerve damage, but fortunately it went away after a few hours. The doctor showed my pictures the day after and I was kind of impressed/amazed by what all he'd done. Apparently it's looking good now and improving well, but he said that if there's a recurrence I'll have to go back to the operating room again. That being said, I won't need to be hospitalized next time, just a (painful) in and out procedure. Cross your fingers.

Classes start up a week from now. I'm kind of shitting bricks, and I'm also really depressed and frustrated. I don't feel ready for the new semester, especially not to take the graduation exam. I feel like I've done nothing this summer. Of course, that's nonsense; I traveled to Europe, did touristy things around Korea with my mom, read a shit ton of Korean books/short stories, hung out with friends, even traveled around Korea.

A couple weeks ago I went with my friends to Gangneung on a day trip to the beach. The water was BEAUTIFUL - so many shades of blue - and the sand, while not amazing, was bright yellow. Just gorgeous. The trip influenced us enough that we decided to do a 2 night 3 day trip to the beach, but this time to another one: Naksan beach, near Yangyang (in between Sokcho and Gangneung). This beach was... okay. Nice, but Gangneung was better, honestly. But the trip itself was fantastic. We visited a beautiful temple, Naksansa. Ate sashimi and chilled at the beach. Went to noraebang and watched the sunrise and set two days in a row. Played shit tons of Pokemon Go (a truly addictive game). It was such a great trip - a fantastic end to the summer.

My plan for this week is as follows:
- finish reading 박민규의 카스테라
- finish reading Land of Exile and at least one other book of translated short stories (The Snowy Road?)
- being 한강의 채식주의자
- finish bleaching Kay's hair and dye it purple
- buy a new backpack
- go to Felipe's birthday dinner (but skip out on the clubbing)
- and on Thursday, or maybe Friday, go back to the gym (I'm technically allowed to go to the gym at the 2 week mark of having the surgery, which would be Friday, although apparently it's better if I wait for the 1 month mark, but uh... no... so 2 week mark minus one it is)

I also want to just have one day of doing fuck all before the semester begins. Just relaxing, no studying at all. Sunday, I guess.
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