August 7th, 2016

visor sneer

유럽여행: 독일과 스웨덴

I have been horribly lazy and even though I got back from my trip exactly a month ago (!!!), I still haven't even posted about it. So, here it goes, I guess.

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Overall, it was a pretty good trip. Some take-aways:
- the sky, the weather, the buildings, and the people were all beautiful in Stockholm. (The men are all super tall and gorgeous. And so are the women. Unfair!)
- Berlin didn't enchant me as much as it's enchanted other people I know, but it was pretty nice.
- I don't know if I'll ever return to Sweden. It's a nice place, but... I dunno. Not necessarily my style.
- I do foresee myself returning to Germany. I didn't love it, but there's a lot of the country I have yet to visit, so I could see myself going back for more. I do think learning German might be useful before I return, however.
- I did have the homo apps, but I didn't meet anyone during the trip- by choice. Not quite sure what that means. (It probably relates to Yongkuk and however I feel about him, which I didn't exactly know at the time and still don't.) That being said, good lord, guys on the apps in Europe are just ridiculously attractive. Where are the average and/or ugly guys?
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