June 29th, 2016

you would think

종강과 여행

It's been ages since I've posted, and so much has happened since then.

The semester is over, I wrote up all my papers - with the realization that none of them were particularly good or well-written. That being said, I feel the best about the semiotics paper. I'm not saying it was good, or that I even knew what the hell I was writing about, but it felt like a strong(ish) paper from beginning to end.

I also got my grades back.
한국문학연구방법연구: A+
한국고전소설연구: A+
근대시사연구 (기호학): A+
한국현대작가연구: A+

I just... I don't deserve these grades. Period. I tried hard, although not to the best of my ability. I put in effort, but not as much as I could have. I have a perfect GPA after two semesters of grad school and I simply don't deserve it. Whatever. This just means I'll get another scholarship next semester and my PhD applications will look somewhat stronger.

Monday last week I went with my class to the French neighborhood in Seoul, 서래마을, where we had delicious samgyupsal and wine. Tuesday I met up with Alyn, Kay, Nick, and Felipe, and we got Bulgarian food at some famous place in Itaewon which I've actually been to a few times before (oops). Then Alyn, Felipe, and I walked around talking and doing photoshoots on bridges.

Wednesday I finished up my last paper and submitted it, and I met up with Alyn and Edae. We ate really good 분식 for lunch and searched for (and failed at finding) a new backpack for myself. Thursday I met up with Hwan at IFC where we got curry. Then we sat at a coffeeshop gossiping for a while, and he did a tarot reading of my love life. The forecast is so-so. Positive until September, lousy after that. Also, it's unlikely I'll get a job with my major. Eek.

Friday... Well. That was the beginning of this trip. I'll write another post in a day or two (or five) about it, but I'm currently in Stockholm, Sweden, of all places. I never knew before, but there are a whole lot of very attractive Swedish men. Also, I really hate traveling alone. This is not actually something I didn't know, just reaffirming the fact. Shall update with a more detailed travelog in a day or two, possibly when I'm in Berlin.
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